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Ode to Milk

Milk is the best thing ever!

I believe this to be true.

without milk in my life,

I don’t know what I’d do.

If there was no milk

there’d be no cheese,

no butter nor sweet

french toast and milk tea.

What would life be

with no condensed milk,

no whipped cream or cappuccinos?

Desserts (and we) would suffer

with no flan or cake

or ice cream after supper.

What would I do

without cupcakes to bake?

How could I live

without cream cheese and honey

over waffles or pancakes?

And without milk, remember this,

life would be tragic,

because without milk, I say,

we would not know the magic

of cheesecake!

But the best part of all,

full fat and all,

is that milk is

all natural.


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