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Pursuing Happiness

It surprises me when I hear people speak of happiness as an unachievable, ephemeral dream, when we can live it every day. Most people seem to be too blinded to notice, blinded by the goal of finding happiness, as if it was an object you could grasp with your hands.


People spend their lives reaching for this idealistic happiness they’ve heard of: trying to build the perfect life. The thing is, nothing’s perfect, but we can find small moments of perfection if we look for them: moments of joy, of beauty, of simplicity. These moments are the true fibres of happiness. I think happiness is all about recognising and appreciating those moments, those little details that can make huge differences, rather than looking for a whole picture of happiness, like a big house or an expensive car.


So, what are those beautiful moments? There are so many and we can find them in every aspect of our lives, if we pay attention, that is. This is what happiness means to me:


  • taking that first bite of a home cooked meal
  • talking to a friend I haven’t seen in a long time
  • finding money in my pocket
  • a cold beer on a hot day
  • a deep conversation with a good friend: knowing someone out there gets me
  • feeling the waves crashing against my skin
  • enjoying and finding pride in my work
  • a shared look with a stranger
  • a new addition to the family
  • a new relationship
  • a new beginning
  • knowing an old friendship is still going strong
  • realising I know someone else better than I know myself
  • a cheap ice cream cone
  • someone noticing I’ve changed my hair or glasses
  • seeing a loved one who was away for too long


Happiness is many things, not just an abstract illusion (or delusion for some). Find your happiness in your every day, you’ll see you’ve stopped searching on the outside for something you had to power to create all along.


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12 thoughts on “Pursuing Happiness”

  1. I think you are on the right track. Funny I should read this post. I’m in the midst of finishing a novella entitled “The Pursuit of Happiness”. In it, the main characters is inundated by people who surround him urging him to look for happiness in all the wrong ways. He wants to pursue holy joy. There is a twist (which I’ll reserve for publication), but I can say it has a “happy ending”.

    Thanks for the post. Happy trails!


      1. If you want a sneak preview of 2/3 of the first chapter, check out “The Pursuit of Happiness (scene one)” and “Leaving for Good (part of ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ project). I plan to submit the finished manuscript to a literary agent, then a conventional publisher and I’m told it could take up to a year to come out in its complete form.

        Thanks for your interest.


  2. Despertarse rodeada de campos verdes, miles de trinos q componen una orquesta y ver como el sol nos regala su mejor caricia!!! Y en la tarde ver como ese sol esplederoso se despide con su mejor sonrisa!! Aspirar el olor a campo repleto de todas las tonalidades de verde inimaginables!!!


  3. Que gran trabajo vienes realizando con los colibríes!! En mi paraiso nos visitan permanentemente pero nunca he visto esta gran variedad!! El de orejas es una especie completamente nueva para mi!
    Cada entrega que haces es un regalo a los amantes de nuestro bello planeta!!!
    Adelante con tu proyecto!! el más bello legado con el que exaltas este paraiso!!


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