#MyBBB: My Biggest, Baddest Bucket List (Top 28)

Since entering My Destination’s ultimate travel competition, MY BIGGEST, BADDEST, BUCKET LIST, I have been thinking very seriously about what I would want to do if I won. What places would I just have to go to? What things couldn’t miss out on?

With only 28 days left for voting, I decided to write up the top 28 items on my bucket list. What would make your list? Share in the comments!

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Laura’s Bucket List (Top 28)

1.    Get my adrenaline pumping in New Zealand
2.    Hike through the jungle in Borneo
3.    Island hop around the Solomon Islands,
4.    Vanuatu and
5.    Fiji
6.    Remind myself to breathe in Palawan Island, Philippines
7.    Go to a full moon party in Koh Phangan, Thailand
8.    Visit the Bagan temples in Myanmar (Burma)
9.    Bungy jump in Macau — 233 m!
10.    Ride a horse through the Mongolian plains
11.    See Lhasa with my own eyes
12.    Ride a camel and camp out in the desert in Rajasthan
13.    Be amazed in Tajikistan
14.    Enjoy the blue waters of Cyrpus
15.    Get lost in the streets of Santorini
16.    Visit small towns (and a few old castles) in the Transylvanian Alps of Romania
17.    Swim under the lush Plitvice waterfalls in Croatia
18.    Marvel at Malta
19.    Travel Tunisia by land
20.    See the mountain gorillas in Uganda
21.    Get to know Zanzibar
22.    Explore Madagascar
23.    Admire the deserts of Namibia
24.    See the polar bears and icebergs in Arctic Canada
25.    Bike around Hawaii
26.    Hear the roar of Angel Falls in Venezuela
27.    Beach hop in Brazil’s north east
28.    See the penguins on Isla del Fuego

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