On Documentalista’s two year anniversary, I’m looking back at some of my favourite posts from my first week. Click on the link above to see the full story.

Laura Restrepo Ortega

I want to tell you a story. It is a story very few people know, and even fewer believe. I have decided to tell it now, to you, because I fear my time here is coming to an end, and this is one tale that needs to be told. You might wonder why I didn’t tell it before the way I’m doing now—so openly, I mean. Well, like I said before, very few believe this story, and the ones who have heard it and disbelieved it have shunned me from their lives. You can understand, I hope, I did not want this story to come out while it could still come back to me. But now…well, things change.

So why don’t I tell it myself? Ah, I have lost any courage I had in my youth. But you, you still have the power to change history, and what a wonderful…

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