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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island nation in the Indian Ocean located off the south-east coast of India. Formerly known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka has a rich history and a diverse cultural and religious landscape. I spent some time there in 2009 and 2010, when these photographs were taken.

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The Maldives

The COVID-19 pandemic and the months-long quarantine has triggered in me an unstoppable sense of nostalgia. After going through my files from the past decade, I have re-edited my old photos from Maldives. Below are some of my favourite photographs I took in the island nation back in 2010-2011. The Maldives archipelago consists of 1,192… Continue reading The Maldives

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Ilha de Boipeba, Bahia

Part of the Tinharé Archipelago in the south of the state of Bahia in northeastern Brasil, the island of Boipeba easily became one of my favourite places in the country.

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Pipa, Rio Grande do Norte

I spent five glorious weeks in Pipa, a small surf town south of Natal, in the northeastern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte.

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Recife, Pernambuco

Recife, capital city of the state of Pernambuco, is made up of three islands joined by both historic and modern bridges; the entire city has an eclectic mix of the old and the new Brazil. Founded by the Portuguese in 1537, the streets of Old Recife are lined by colourful colonial buildings leading travellers to… Continue reading Recife, Pernambuco

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Galinhos, Rio Grande do Norte

Galinhos is a small municipality located about 160 km north of Natal, the state capital of Rio Grande do Norte, in Brazil's northeast.

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Jungle Beach / Playa Selva

Colombia's Pacific coast is a jungle-covered stretch of mountainous land, adorned with rocky bays and pristine rivers flowing down to the warm ocean.

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Las Bromelias, flores tropicales nativas de las Amércias, forman parte de la familia Bromeliaceae. Son coloridos y exóticos ejemplares de la intrincación y perfección de la naturaleza. Esta gran familia, compuesta por más de 1500 especies, se ha vuelto una preferida en la jardinería ornamental. Abundantes en climas tropicales, las bromelias se encuentran en casi… Continue reading Bromeliads