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Clos San Quilico Newsletter (Mirabelle Selects)

Clos San Quilico, Patrimonio Rosé 2019

Corsica is a land of legends and ancient battles, a paradise island in the Mediterranean Sea that has lured Kings and pirates to its shores for millennia, enamoring visitors with its lush forests, snow-capped mountains, turquoise bays and lagoons, and its mythical scent of aromatic flowers which have earned it the name “the Scented Isle”. 

From the Bronze Age inhabitants to the Phocaeans and the Romans, from the Byzantines and the Muslims to the Italians, the Spanish, and the French, the island’s history has created a complex melting pot of dialects, cultures, and traditions. Napoleon Bonaparte himself was born to a Corsican wine-making family in 1769—the same year Corsica officially became a French territory—and during his time as Emperor of France he exported much of the island’s wine and tobacco throughout the Empire, adding notoriety to his magical birthplace.

In the foothills of the island’s northern rocky mountains, vineyards planted on limestone-rich chalk and clay soil yield grapes used for red and rosé wines, like Clos San Quilico’s lovely Patrimonio Rosé, a lively, velvety, and delicately balanced pink wine with grey reflections perfect to pair with fresh summer dishes or to drink on its own. 

Just picture it. Close your eyes and travel to the village of Saint-Florent; you’re sipping on a fresh glass of rosé, the warm, salty summer breeze hitting your skin as you take shelter from the blazing sun in a shady spot outside an old wine bar, watching sailboats drift in and out of the crystalline bay. Or maybe you prefer the view at the port of Bastia, where the waves crash against the cliffs as if reaching for the colorful centuries-old citadel above. Contemplation—and wine!—were made for a sunny afternoon in paradise. 

But it gets even better. There are old trains that traverse the north and south-west of the island and travel from the coast through the mountains on a uniquely picturesque ride. What is more quintessentially European than enjoying local wine on a train? Of course, if you want to be more active, Corsica also offers plenty of outdoor activities for adventurous travelers who will find hiking trails all over the island, from scenic coastal routes to striking mountain views—you can even go canyoning in gorges and swimming in crystal clear rivers on the days you’re not touring the vineyards and cellars. 

Corsica is a dream destination for wine and nature lovers alike, boasting some of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful beaches and tallest mountains, and seasoned with an endemic mix of Italian and French cultures that blend perfectly with the landscape. So uncork your bottle of Patrimonio Rosé and voyage to this romantic land of wonderfully exclusive wines and magical adventures. 

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