Poetry, Writing

Blue Diamonds

Drowning in a sea of sorrow,
a sea of crystals turquoise blue.
Its beauty blinded me, bound me,
held me tight til I knew not what to do.
It hypnotised me with its motion,
its warm currents, its eternal youth.
A sea that never ages, always changes,
a sea that keeps me soothed.
I love this sea, unpredictable and wild,
tempestuous and calm,
a contradiction dressed in blue.
I love this sea, always accepting,
though sometimes neglecting
my washed out emotions,
my depressive hues.
This sea took my heart
and hid it in a narrow cave.
It watched me fall apart,
begging to be saved.
Then I was shaken by its tides,
by the power of the wise old moon.
I was crushed against blue diamonds,
painful beauty, salt in my wounds.


Creative Writing


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