Short Stories, Writing

Where I Came From

I jumped from the edge of Angel Falls. The trees looked like a fluffy, green carpet below me, getting closer and closer with every second. But I wasn't scared. As I fell, I smiled at the wonder that I could fall but wouldn't get hurt: that when I shut my eyes, I would be transported… Continue reading Where I Came From

Short Stories, Writing

The Happy Little Hermit Crab

One day, a sad little hermit crab realised his shell was too heavy and he just wanted to be free. So he got rid of his shell. Though his fragile body had never been exposed to the harsh sun, wind and sand for more than a few minutes when changing shells, he suddenly knew what… Continue reading The Happy Little Hermit Crab

Short Stories, Writing

Blown Away

I need to be blown away. I’ve been stuck for so long, I no longer know where I’m standing or where I’m going. It’s a hot day in early summer. I’m pacing around the house, flipping through the TV stations, walking outside, in. I can only hear it faintly, but it’s enough. Every time, it… Continue reading Blown Away