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My Nomadic Life: Life in Motion

I don't know that I've ever felt like a less spontaneous person in my life than the day I found my Israeli friend unpacking his bag in our hostel in Salvador, Brazil, taking out everything he wouldn鈥檛 need for Europe but had been essential during his last year in South America. 鈥淚 found a cheap… Continue reading My Nomadic Life: Life in Motion

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People always ask me how it is I've travelled so much, how I seem willing to risk everything to chase my dreams, my heart, my passion. And although I must admit I am a weird specimen, as I genuinely dislike comfort, routine and stability, I know that even if you're a creature of habit, you… Continue reading Fear

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Where I Came From

I jumped from the edge of Angel Falls. The trees looked like a fluffy, green carpet below me, getting closer and closer with every second. But I wasn't scared. As I fell, I smiled at the wonder that I could fall but wouldn't get hurt: that when I shut my eyes, I would be transported… Continue reading Where I Came From