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I always thought I’d be dead by thirty-five. I don’t know where this fixation came from, what triggered it, or why I believed it, but the imagined certainty that I wouldn’t live to see forty defined my 20s and early 30s in a very real way. My friends in university would tell me to stop… Continue reading Thirty-Five

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Blue Footed Boobies

Tuve la suerte de ver a los piqueros pati azules, aves marinas de patas azules, en la Isla de la Plata en la costa de Ecuador. Estaban en época de apareamiento y anido, entonces pude presenciar el baile que hacen los machos para las hembras, además de ver los pequeños huevos, ligeramente teñidos de azul./I… Continue reading Blue Footed Boobies

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Parque Nacional Machalilla: Isla de la Plata & Los Frailes

Isla de la Plata is part of Machalilla National Park and just a short boat-ride away from the town of Puerto López in the Manabí province.