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Andes: Tinamú, Secret Garden, & San Vicente

I went on a recent roadtrip with my dad along Colombia’s Central Andes in hopes of finding and photographing some of the region’s wildlife, particularly birds. Travelling south from Medellin, we stopped at several places like Recinto del Pensamiento, Hotel Tinamú and the Secret Garden Hostel, both outside Manizales (Caldas), and the hot springs at… Continue reading Andes: Tinamú, Secret Garden, & San Vicente

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Andes: Manizales & Marsella

I recently went on a roadtrip with my dad in hopes of photographing the country's many beautiful bird species. We travelled south along the green and windy Central Andes from Medellín toward Manizales and Marsella, in Colombia's coffee region./Hace poco me fui de viaje por carretera con mi papá por los Andes centrales de Colombia,… Continue reading Andes: Manizales & Marsella

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Short (Travel) Story: Andean Roadtrip / Los Andes por Carretera

I went on a birdwatching roadtrip with my Dad, travelling south from Medellín to the Coffee Region of the Colombian Andes. Mi Papá y yo nos fuimos de viaje por carretera en búsqueda de aves para fotografiar, saliendo de Medellín, continuando hacia el sur y el Eje Cafetero en los Andes colombianos. We climbed the… Continue reading Short (Travel) Story: Andean Roadtrip / Los Andes por Carretera