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The Colombian Curse: A Love Letter to my Country

Being born in Colombia —a violent and lovely land of duality, of rancid poetry, marvellous heartbreak, impossible beauty, and sequestered abundance— is a curse.  On the one hand, it’s a magical, fertile, lush kingdom filled with wonders and beauty. From the Amazon Rainforest to the Caribbean Sea, from the Andes mountains to the Pacific Ocean,… Continue reading The Colombian Curse: A Love Letter to my Country

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My Nomadic Life: Leaving Colombia. Again.

In late 2015, I embarked on a nomadic journey through Brazil that forever changed my life. I wasn’t sure where exactly I would go or for how long— all I knew was I would start in the Amazon, head south to Uruguay, and stop at Iguazu Falls. After eighteen months on the road, I managed… Continue reading My Nomadic Life: Leaving Colombia. Again.

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Nuquí: Whales

Desde la primera vez que visité Nuquí, en la costa Pacífica de Colombia, me enamoré de su arena negra y su selva color esmeralda reflejada en las aguas cristalinas de los ríos y el mar. Pero entre los meses de junio y noviembre este rincón mágico del país es aún más especial, siendo el lugar… Continue reading Nuquí: Whales