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Barichara, Santander

Barichara is considered the most beautiful town in Colombia, and it's easy to see why. Here are my favourite photos from my first visit to Barichara in May 2022. PORTRAITS • BARICHARA • GUANE Portraits Barichara Guane Guane is an even smaller town that can be reached by walking 5.5 km from Barichara along the… Continue reading Barichara, Santander

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The Heart of the World: Minca Sunsets

The diversity in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta creates some of the most spectacular sunsets I've ever seen, the vantage point from the ridge of the mountain offering a unique view of the sun setting behind the Caribbean Sea.

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Andes: Tinamú, Secret Garden, & San Vicente

I went on a recent roadtrip with my dad along Colombia’s Central Andes in hopes of finding and photographing some of the region’s wildlife, particularly birds. Travelling south from Medellin, we stopped at several places like Recinto del Pensamiento, Hotel Tinamú and the Secret Garden Hostel, both outside Manizales (Caldas), and the hot springs at… Continue reading Andes: Tinamú, Secret Garden, & San Vicente

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Getting Off the Andean Trail

Get Off the Trail was a travel agency I ran in Colombia between 2013 and 2015. The following photographs are from some of the Andean trails I ran during that time. /Get Off the Trail fue una agencia de viaje que manejé en Colombia entre el 2013 y 2015. Las fotografías a continuación son de… Continue reading Getting Off the Andean Trail

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Palomino, Guajira

Palomino es un corregimiento del municipio de Dibulla en el departamento de La Guajira en la costa Caribe en el nororiente colombiano. Palomino disfruta de una biodiversidad única y rica gracias a su ubicación ideal entre el mar Caribe y las montañas y ríos de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.