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Fauna – Nuquí, Chocó

Choco, on Colmbia's northern Pacific coast, is one of the most biodiverse places on earth. With heavy rains year-round, the lush vegetation and flowing rivers provide food and shelter for a diversity of animals, from toucans to boas, from the yellow-crowned night-heron to the kokoi frog, and more.

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Rana Kokoi / Kokoi Frog (Dendrobates histrionicus), Chocó

Walking through the dense, virgin jungles of Colombia's Pacific coast is no easy task, but it's entirely worth climbing Carrizalito, a mount whose peak is under 300 masl, to see the colourful and poisonous Kokoi Frogs (Dendrobates histrionicus) in their natural habitat.

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Reserva Natural Loro Orejiamarillo – Proaves

Fotografías de la Reserva Natural de las Aves Loro Orejiamarillo de Proaves, ubicada en la vereda de Ventanas entre los pueblos de Jardín (Antioquia) y Ríosucio (Caldas) en la Cordillera Occidental de los Andes. Con altitudes desde los 1,900 hasta los 2,600 msnm, cuenta con una gran variedad de aves y flores, y se caracteriza… Continue reading Reserva Natural Loro Orejiamarillo – Proaves